Meet the 2023 Go:Tech Awards winners: Enhanced

Enhanced was honoured with the prestigious title of IT/Telecoms Support Award at the 2023 Go:Tech Awards.

The judging panel was highly impressed by Enhanced’s remarkable impact on its customers, evident through the substantial benefits derived from their services, supported by comprehensive data and analysis. The company boasts a team of over fifty dedicated professionals, and with a turnover of £6.5m, it successfully transitioned into an employee-owned enterprise last year.

We caught up with Enhanced after scooping the Go:Tech Awards trophy to talk inspiration, breakthroughs and more.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind your winning business and how it addresses a specific industry challenge or opportunity?

Enhanced has always been passionate about making I.T. easier for businesses. Since our journey began nearly 30 years ago, Enhanced has evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape to ensure we always deliver the highest levels of customer service and I.T. support, in line with the latest industry advancements.

Could you describe the key milestones or breakthroughs you achieved during the development of your project, and how they contributed to its success?

In recent years, Enhanced has invested a lot of time and resources into transforming our customer journeys, we take the time to map out customer journeys and put ourselves in their shoes, exploring how each step makes us feel and how it can be improved. This honest look in the mirror drives continuous improvement and helps keep customer satisfaction as a key focus.

In the last few months Enhanced has made multiple changes to our ticket support management, these improvements were introduced following customer feedback and have been very well received with positive responses. Our customers now receive automated notifications through every step of their support ticket providing better communication and transparency.

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As a winner at the Go:Tech Awards, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs or innovators who are looking to make a difference in the technology sector?

The technology landscape is continuously changing as are the needs of customers, you need to move quickly to stay competitive while ensuring you deliver the same quality of service you pride yourself on. For us, it’s our staff, we have a vast range of skills and expertise and our approach to our clients is what helps us make a difference in the technology sector.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs considering entering the Go:Tech Awards in the future?

The Go:Tech Awards has been an exciting journey for all at Enhanced, the application process highlighted our greatest achievements while also identifying areas we’d like to improve on.  It’s been such an empowering experience for our I.T. support team who have worked so hard. We are incredibly proud to be this year’s winner of the IT/Telecoms Support Award!

Looking ahead, what are your future plans for your business?

As an EOT, Enhanced is focused on empowering the team, investing in our people and giving them a voice as we grow into new markets and take on new projects. Our future revolves around ensuring we have the best capabilities and skill set in the industry to continue to perform as an award-winning IT partner.

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