Cairns states that Wales’ tech prowess must go global

Compound semiconductor

The time has come to promote Wales’ pioneering prowess in compound semiconductor technology on a global scale.

That will be the message from the UK Government today as the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales gather leaders from Wales’ own ‘Silicon Valley’ for progress talks in Newport.

Compound semiconductors are at the heart of the high-tech devices we use today. From smartphones to tablets to satellite communications to GPS, the technology will continue to impact the way we live, work and spend our leisure time.

Wales already has a wealth of advanced semiconductor expertise in the form of IQE, SPTS Technologies, Newport Wafer Fab and Microsemi, who, along with academic partners and the UK Government’s £50 million compound semiconductor applications Catapult, form the world’s first Compound Semiconductor cluster, CS-Connected.

The UK Government will host the meeting at Newport Wafer Fab – the UK’s largest semiconductor centre and the chip Foundry of the CS Cluster – where the industry experts in Wales will be challenged to explore and to capitalise on international opportunities for the sector.

Officials will also seek to find out how the UK Government can work with the cluster to market Wales’ expertise in the technology around the globe.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said: “If we want Wales to be at the vanguard of the high-tech revolution, we need to up our stakes – and our vision must be global. That is why I’m delighted that the HM Trade Commissioner for China will attend today’s meeting in Newport.

“During our meeting at the GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong earlier this year, I had the opportunity to showcase how Wales’ reputation for innovation excellence can put the UK on a firm trading footing for a post Brexit future.

“But the challenge now is to seize those opportunities and to capitalise on the skills right here in south Wales that sets us apart. The UK Government wants to hear strong ideas today on how we develop this cluster and how we market the expertise we have in abundance on a global stage.”

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