Dorset cyber firm exports expertise to the Gulf

Matt Horan, security director of C3IA Solutions

A team of cyber-security experts from a Dorset-headquartered company has returned home from the Gulf after completing a major project.

C3IA Solutions, based in Poole, believes there is a big future in exporting the UK’s cyber skills around the world.

The team’s client – a Middle Eastern government which can’t be identified for security reasons – required foreign expertise to inspect a major new digital network.

The team spent two weeks investigating the newly created fibre optic system built beneath an area of desert.

Due to the high-threat environment the client demanded the best cyber operatives, which C3IA Solutions possesses.

The company was one of the first six to be certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and has experience working for governments as well as in the commercial sector.

Matt Horan, C3IA Solutions’ security director, said: “The UK is one of the leading nations in cyber security.

“We have some of the best people and it is no surprise that they are in demand around the world. C3IA Solutions has experts in a number of fields and we send our staff to an increasing number of countries.

“This latest project was about analysing a new network and ensuring it came up to a defined and recognised security standard, and where it didn’t we provided advice and guidance on system and network improvements. The team created a set of framework policies, processes and procedures and trained the personnel.

“More governments and businesses are accepting the need for cyber-security and understand its growing importance. Cyber really is a growth sector for the UK and being at the forefront of it we are excited about the future from a business point of view.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a nation state or a small business, leaving yourself open to cyber-attack can have devastating results. If every individual, business and government addresses their cyber-security then everyone is safer.”

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