Go:Tech Awards 2022 launches new sustainability category

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Following the recent launch of the 2022 edition of the Go:Tech Awards, there is a new category available for this year’s entrants.

Go:Tech Awards 2022

For the first time, there will be a Sustainable Tech Business Award.

This Award is open to tech businesses that are having a positive impact on the environment. Businesses from across all tech verticals can apply for this award alongside companies outside of the tech sector that have used innovation that is reducing carbon emissions or helping to raise awareness of sustainability.

The independent judging will be looking for an overview of the company’s mission and values; information about the technology and its positive impact on sustainability; if applicable, an overview of financial performance and funding received; an insight into the company’s ‘five-year plan’ and finally, any statistics detailing the positive sustainable impact.

The category is currently open for entry – so enter now! CLICK HERE

Founder of the Go:Tech Awards, Andrew Scott comments: “Over the past few years, there has been a drive from government and the wider business community to become ‘greener’ and look for more sustainable alternatives to the current way of living and working.

“As tech is at the forefront of innovation in the modern world, it was only right that we introduce this new category, to highlight the amazing work that is going on in this part of the industry.

“I urge anyone working in this space to send in your entry and to have your company be seen on a larger scale, highlighting this important trend around the world.

“Good luck to all entrants!”

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