Go:Tech Awards bring prominence to Bristol’s innovation prowess

Bristol is a city rich in innovation, culture, and technological advancement. It has built its own identity in a number of areas, from food to finance.

It’s been ranked the top place to start a business by the Start-Up Cities Index, and there is a huge variety of forward-thinking companies born out of the South West. Businesses like Aardman Animations, Hargreaves Lansdown, and Pieminister to name a few.

The city is known for being a pioneer within engineering. Isambard Kingdom Brunel has put Bristol on the map as a heavyweight in civil engineering, but now there is a new wave of engineers based in Bristol – software engineers.

Bristol is becoming a hub for technological innovations, and at Amdaris we want to recognise this and celebrate it. We build industry-leading software, and our portfolio consists of award-winning technologies.

We want to show our support and, as such, are sponsoring the Go:Tech Awards to give creative minds the platform to bring their ideas to life.

The Go:Tech Awards recognises and commemorates those who are changing the face of technology. The face of technology will continue to change, and in the last few decades alone the industry has come on leaps and bounds.

‘Innovation’ as a term is often batted around by thought leaders, both in and outside of the tech space. At Amdaris, we don’t necessarily think of ourselves as the innovators but the platform for which these great minds can launch their ideas from.

Each nominee of the Go:Tech Awards has had a great idea, but they have needed great minds to help bring it to life. We support these people when they don’t have the resources, skills or expertise to do it themselves.

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