Ministry of Defence extends contract with 4C Strategies

EXONAUT support for MoD

4C Strategies has announced that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has exercised an extension option within its contract with 4C Strategies to deliver Exonaut® to support Military Readiness and Training & Exercise Management.

4C’s software suite Exonaut provides the British Army with an integrated solution for training readiness management, measurement and evaluation (TMME) training at all levels and will be available for a further two years.

Exonaut provides support for programming, scheduling and resourcing, in training activity scenario management, training objective management, field based training data collection and performance measurement as well as exploitation, visualisation and optimisation support for all stakeholders.

Andreas Hedskog, Executive Chairman, 4C Strategies, commented: “We are delighted with MoD’s decision to extend their contract with 4C Strategies. Exonaut is becoming the de facto standard for an integrated training, exercise management and training readiness tracking system for Armed Forces.

“Since 2007, the UK MOD has been instrumental to our innovation by placing very high functional and technical requirements on usability and security. We are really looking forward to providing continued support and innovation to the British Army.”

Exonaut is used wherever the British Army trains in the world, and across the live, virtual and constructive domains, to optimise resources, increase efficiency and objectivity, improve exploitation of training data to increase training effectiveness and inform operational decision making.

Exonaut allows seamless integration with other systems, such as simulations and command and control solutions, to enable a truly integrated readiness management system, supporting all levels of operations.

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