Nissan to tour electric tech across Europe

nissan leaf

An ‘Electrify the World’ tour is set to demo the latest innovations in sustainable electric power.

The tour, jointly presented by Nissan and Lifesaver Power, will travel across Europe and showcase how green technology has the potential to change society.

The tour is part of Nissan’s #electrifytheworld campaign. The car manufacturer has teamed up with Lifesaver Power, a power bank sharing service, to offer two days of unlimited mobile charging in Amsterdam. The ‘Press for Power’ scheme will enable touring Nissan Leaf drivers – selected from lifestyle influencers – to share power using a cyclical ‘hire and return’ model, swapping out empty power banks for free, fully charged replacements.

Nissan’s battery packs will be powered solely by renewable energy from ‘Bulb’. Each bank has a lifespan of 500 charges.

Nissan and Lifesaver Power hope to demonstrate a more sustainable model for society – one of cyclical, shared ownership.

Gareth Dunsmore of Nissan Europe commented, “Lifesaver is an innovative startup looking to drive sustainable opportunities daily. The ability to give power to people’s mobiles or tablet devices while on the move in a sustainable way is truly powerful.”

Archie Wilkinson, CEO of Lifesaver Power: “We are thrilled to be launching Press For Power in one of Europe’s greenest cities with Nissan – one of the world’s most environmentally focused companies. We want to start an energy revolution and transform how we use power. Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our generation and energy sources have a huge part to play in our efforts towards a more sustainable future. Press for Power was created with this in mind – we want to provide a service that empowers people while protecting the planet.”

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